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Please note: programs and retreats may be cancelled at our discretion. If this occurs, you will be notified as early as possible and receive a full refund


Yoga for Spiritual Living       9-11 October 2015
with Swami Ahimsadhara

The purpose of yoga is to help us connect with our spiritual nature whilst living in the manifest dimension of this modern world.

This goal requires sustained and systematic practice of yoga techniques combines with conscious ... read more



Sound Samadhi Retreat            23-25 October 2015

Join SOUND SAMADHI, SOUL MOTION DANCE & OSONIQS Awakening for a weekend of Kirtan workshops,

ecstatic dance, blissful sound meditations and yoga.

Sound Samadhi have been offering high-energy kirtans throughout Sydney since 2011 while... read more


Friday 9 - Sunday 11 Yoga for Spiritual Living

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 Weekend of Mindfulness with Mellissa O'Brien

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 Farm Weekend "Gracious Goodness"

Friday 9 - Sunday 11 Student Weekend

Monday 12 - Thursday 22 Navaratri

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 Annapoorna Kitchen

Friday 23 - Sunday 25 Ancient Wisdom: Tantra

Friday 23- Sunday 25 Sound Samadhi Retreat

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