Upcoming retreats at Mangrove

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Please note: programs and retreats may be cancelled at our discretion. If this occurs, you will be notified as early as possible and receive a full refund


Sunday 24-Sunday 31 The Power of Awareness - 7 Day Meditation Intensive

Saturday 30-Sunday 14 Jun Sannyasa Sadhana for Initiates By donation


Friday 5-Monday 8 The Art of Mindful Living with Mellissa O'Brien

Friday 12-Sunday 14 Farm Project

Friday 19 - Sunday 21 Bhakti Yoga - Dancing with the Divine

Friday 19-Friday 3 Jul Yogic Studies: Module 1 Extended enrolment period closing 15th June

Friday 26-Sunday 28 Meditation Level 1: Cultivating Tranquility

Monday 29-Tuesday 21 Jul Seva Stay


Friday 3-Sunday 5 CPD: Yoga for Elders

Monday 6-Monday 20 Yogic Studies: Module 2

Friday 10-Sunday 12 Farm Project

Friday 10-Sunday 12 CPD: Anxiety & Depression

Saturday 11-Sunday 12 Yoga Relax

Sunday 12 Open Day

Tuesday 21-Thursday 23 Program Free

Friday 24-Sunday 26 Creative Balance

Friday 24-Sunday 26 Serve Love Give

Sunday 26-Friday 31 Deepening Sadhana: Awaken your Dormant Potential - Discover the secrets within the chakra

Tuesday 28-Monday 3 Aug Seva Stay (for experienced sevaks only)

Friday 31-Saturday 1Aug Guru Poornima

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Join us each week for the Devi Havan (fire ceremony), Fridays starting at 4pm:

Sannyasa Sadhana for Initiates - 30 May14 Jun

starts at 5pm on first day and concludes at 3pm on final day - view arrival time options

The ashram is open for all initiates to enjoy a period of time recharging and reconnecting during the Sannyasa Sadhana Initiates Retreat. This two week seva and sadhana retreat is an opportunity to exercise and practice some of the unique benefits of your initiation. Reconnect with your spiritual community (Sangha); deepen your understanding of the tantric teachings, the tradition and yourself.

There will be two parts to the Sannyasa Sadhana course: For more information 

by donation - To book email:

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