OCTOBER upcoming retreats at Mangrove:

Friday 31 - Sunday 2 Nov Beautiful Minds with Mellissa O'Brien

Friday 31 - Sunday 2 Nov Serve Love Give

Friday 31 - Sunday 2 Nov Advancing Asana with Swami Karmayogini

NOVEMBER upcoming retreats at Mangrove: 

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 Hatha Yoga Cleanse DayCancelled

Friday 7 - Sunday 9 Yoga Meditation

Friday 7 - Sunday 9 The Serpent of Fire

Friday 14 - Sunday 16 Farm Project

Friday 14 - Sunday 16 Student Weekend

Saturday 15 - Sunday 16 Yoga Relax

Friday 21 - Sunday 23 CPD: Yoga in Education - Teaching Life Skills - Cancelled

Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Family Yoga Weekend

Friday 21 - Sunday 23 Evolving Practice

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The Serpent of Fire: 7-9 Nov 2014

with Swami Satyadharma, Swami Chintanshuddhi and Aparna

Chakras, Meditation, Dance, and Untold Secrets of Kundalini

"Glory, glory to Mother Kundalini, who through Her Infinite Grace and Power, kindly leads the Sadhaka from Chakra to Chakra and illumines his intellect and makes him realise his identity with the Supreme Brahma." -Sri Swami Sivananda

Kundalini is personified as the Divine Mother (Shakti) residing at Mooladhara. When awakened, Shakti travels up the spine to unite with her consort, Lord Shiva (Shakta), at Sahasrara Chakra. This union of opposites is a powerful representation of illumined living.

Join Swami Satyadharma for the Serpent of Fire to learn about Kundalini and the Chakras - the express highway! During this unique weekend retreat explore the qualities of the chakras in sessions by Swami Satyadharma, including theory and practices, Nada Yoga with chakras by Swami Chintanshuddhi, and weave a mystical journey through the chakras with dance led by Aparna. Along with daily asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation sessions. Find out more.

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Mangrove Yoga Ashram is the largest yoga retreat centre in the southern hemisphere and has been a teaching centre for nearly 40 years.

To physically retreat means to take a step back or withdraw, and a place of retreat is a place of seclusion, shelter or privacy. People have always enjoyed travelling to beautiful locations to 'get away from it all'. Packing the essentials and being away from home and our daily routines encourages us to focus on ourselves and recharge.

A holiday and a spiritual retreat are two different things, however. Holidays are temporary distractions from our responsibilities and routines, and any sense of peace and quiet we may achieve can be quickly eroded when we get back behind the desk, on the phone, in front of the television or in the middle of traffic. A spiritual retreat is a valuable experience where genuine restoration is achieved. This is possible because we are not simply relaxing (forgetting) but exploring and practising the methods needed to lead healthy, balanced lives. It is a time to become reacquainted with our inner selves.

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Weekends and extended retreats occur throughout the year and offer retreats for specific purposes; focus in depth on one aspect of yoga or combine yoga with another fun or creative activity. The structured retreats are organised by category; you can access this listing by clicking on the Yoga Retreats tab in the right side menu.

Also click on right side panel for Yogic Living Stays, which include volunteer options and seva stays etc.

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Silence (Mouna) is a part of the spiritual discipline. It contributes peace and strength and conserves energy.

- Swami Sivananda

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